I stood by your side amid

The blood and horror of battle.

We marched into unknown hells

Celebrated unbelievable victories and

Mourned great losses.

You were as a brother and

Became the only family I had

I held nothing back  and

Gave all I could to your efforts

I took up blade once more

When your call to arms was


All I sacrificed was for you

I even stayed silent when the

Woman I loved walked down the

Aisle toward you

I held no regrets in

Any of this. Yet

You could not spare

Me one bit of happiness

One thing to call my own

You left me behind

In the ash of your


Yet you foolishly left

Me alive to seek


To seek


Know that your end

Was of your making

By my hand

For them




Ode to Romantic Comedies

I want my life to be a rom-com!

I want to walk in to my friend’s party

And see the love of my life

Across the room in a so

Vintage dress that even the

Hipsterest of hipsters looks upon it

With an organic, home-grown envy

I want to fall

Deeply into the

Simplest of loves

With the ease of a

Conversation on a

Common interest she

Kind of lies about having

Just so that we can

Have similar interests

As long as they are mine

I want to have a

Huge fight over a

Long brimming issue

Underlying our entire


That was never addressed because

It would have been too

Real too soon and

Mature emotional development

Is far too hard and takes

Work neither of us really

Wanted to do

I want my life to be a rom-com

Because there is always an ending in

Which even the sidekick finds his one

And I just want to stop

Waiting to find my love

But I don’t want the easy

Romance that is found in

Films that shows a simple

Slice of the whole scene

I want to have the all out

Fights in the middle of the

Night over whose turn it

Was to take out the trash

And buy dog food on

The way home

I want a messy love life

That does not have the

Ease of movement with the

Ebb and flow of the tides

With disagreements over

Movies, tv shows, books, politics

And the occasional argument

Over who the best Batman was

(Kevin Conroy in Batman: The Animated Series)

I want to experience every

Little moment, every fight,

Every kiss, every tear and every

Moment I can manage to grasp

Away from time whether perfect,’

Forgetful, simple, or momentous

I want it all but mostly

I want to be with you and

I wish I could just find you

Sooner rather than later

Página en blanco

My worst enemy,

my dearest friend:

The blank page


Endless possibility

lies within your borders


You paralyze my

hand with hesitation


Unsure if what I place

is worthy of darkening

your pure face.


I hope and pray

that perhaps someday

I’ll fall into your embrace

like some familiar place


Until that time

all I can do

is put pen 

to paper and

push on through