New Year, New Job, Similar Uncertainty

So I have technically started a new teaching position at a local community college (getting introduced/shown around, obtaining id, parking space, etc.). I am grateful for the job and honestly believe that teaching at any level is one of the most noble professions one can undertake. I just am having doubts if it is the profession I am meant to have. I have taught before, though admittedly not with this large a course-load, and rather enjoyed the overall experience. I will add that I believe I did a rather good job in the past and have some documentation to back up such a claim. However, I am unsure if this profession is my calling or passion. I know I should be pleased that I even have a job in the current economy and one of such regard, but I have a difficult time seeing myself as a professor fifteen, ten, even five years into the future. For the moment, I will execute the responsibilities and duties of this position to the best of my abilities, but is it wrong to not put my full person into this job in order to work on my own interest and hobbies in the hopes I can convert them into a career? This is starting to feel too much like complaining so I will sign off here looking forward to what I will make happen this year.