Lessons From…Mobile Suit Gundam 00

To the Americans who read this: hope you enjoyed Memorial Day and made the most of it however you chose to acknowledge it. Normally on Mondays I take a look at a piece of media (film, television, video games, music. etc.) and try to find some lesson or moral I can dissect. Given the American holiday I won’t be quite doing that today.

Instead, I am recommending an anime for you to watch: Mobile Suit Gundam 00. I won’t tell you what the lesson or intended message is; I’ll let you make the decision on that. However, the one thing I ask is that you pay attention as to how the show discusses war and violence as tools; tools of change, tools of catharsis, and tools in shaping the world and society.


If you enjoy giant mechs, epic battles, conflicted and flawed characters, or impressive narratives, you’ll enjoy this show and it will also demonstrate why, regardless of what your stance on war is, we celebrate and sympathize with those that fight.

Seriously, go watch, enjoy, and learn.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.