On Endings


Endings suck! Seriously. They are the most difficult and frustrating things. Even if you have the greatest ending in mind getting there usually proves impossible. Somehow, your perfectly constructed ending cares not for the story you created and prefers other narratives and story tellers. The characters you painstakingly created and breathed life into do not believe your tale and do not think you merit their efforts. In short, endings suck.

Well, they can anyways. Other times, a great ending ends up being the cherry on a superb sundae; just the right bit of sweetness to finish everything off. The right phrase to describe endings came to me from, of all things, a video game. It said, “Endings are just beginnings in disguise.” The best endings provide a worthy resolution but usually leave enough for the audience to imagine beyond the pages. Hence, the existence of fan fiction, in all its forms. (Be wary of the fan fiction and what you search for).

Around this time of year come a lot of endings. Students are graduating and moving on to the next part of their lives whatever that may be. Television shows are being canceled or renewed for a series of arbitrary reasons due to unclear reasons or numbers. Basketball teams are playing the last games of the seasons putting months, and really years, worth of work to a great championship winning end.

Basically a lot of things are ending, but really they are merely pausing to begin anew. Endings are hard because we consider them some sort of conclusion to the story in its entirety. Instead, we should consider endings simply pauses to that particular chapter. There will always be more story to tell even if you are not the right author to continue it. Finish your contribution and let the tale continue. After all, an ending is only a beginning in disguise.