Ode to Romantic Comedies

I want my life to be a rom-com!

I want to walk in to my friend’s party

And see the love of my life

Across the room in a so

Vintage dress that even the

Hipsterest of hipsters looks upon it

With an organic, home-grown envy

I want to fall

Deeply into the

Simplest of loves

With the ease of a

Conversation on a

Common interest she

Kind of lies about having

Just so that we can

Have similar interests

As long as they are mine

I want to have a

Huge fight over a

Long brimming issue

Underlying our entire


That was never addressed because

It would have been too

Real too soon and

Mature emotional development

Is far too hard and takes

Work neither of us really

Wanted to do

I want my life to be a rom-com

Because there is always an ending in

Which even the sidekick finds his one

And I just want to stop

Waiting to find my love

But I don’t want the easy

Romance that is found in

Films that shows a simple

Slice of the whole scene

I want to have the all out

Fights in the middle of the

Night over whose turn it

Was to take out the trash

And buy dog food on

The way home

I want a messy love life

That does not have the

Ease of movement with the

Ebb and flow of the tides

With disagreements over

Movies, tv shows, books, politics

And the occasional argument

Over who the best Batman was

(Kevin Conroy in Batman: The Animated Series)

I want to experience every

Little moment, every fight,

Every kiss, every tear and every

Moment I can manage to grasp

Away from time whether perfect,’

Forgetful, simple, or momentous

I want it all but mostly

I want to be with you and

I wish I could just find you

Sooner rather than later


A Time Before…

There was a time before the words

Took up house inside of me

Before when food and drink

Satisfied my hunger and thirst


Ever since the words crept in

Only more and more words

Can quench my desire


I devour entire worlds

Through the black blood

Of their gods and creators


Each one gives something,

Enlightens my mind,

Strengthens my spirit


Makes me better


I will never claim them all


At best I can make my own tome

And hope that some soul

Will drink and eat of it

Página en blanco

My worst enemy,

my dearest friend:

The blank page


Endless possibility

lies within your borders


You paralyze my

hand with hesitation


Unsure if what I place

is worthy of darkening

your pure face.


I hope and pray

that perhaps someday

I’ll fall into your embrace

like some familiar place


Until that time

all I can do

is put pen 

to paper and

push on through

Losing My…

I used to stare into the night sky

in fear of the grand abyss of the dark

and of the bright burning balls of fire

that showed both Your beautiful majesty

and irrational terror.


You could send anyone of those

stars screeching straight into

this world and end everything.

It was only through

Your mercy and desire that

we somehow survived day to day.

At least that is what I was taught.


I was afraid of what I saw

staring into that night sky.

Until, I began to question:

Question what I had been told.

Question the stories passed down.

Question the ridiculous rules I had to live by.

Question everything.


Some questions led to more

some were eventually answered

and most never were but

With every question my curiosity flourished

and your magnanimity diminished.


My queries cost me many things:

My certainty of the future.

My relationships with family.

My identity I lived by for many years.


However, I no longer look at the sky

with apprehension or fear but instead

with an unquenchable desire to see

beyond what has been seen and with

hope that the knowledge from those

who came before me will lead those

who come after into the furthest reaches

of the sky, the mind, and human potential.


If it means losing you and everything

that I have known,

it is a worthy trade.



This is a bit darker than I originally intended and I swear I am not trying to be controversial. I am merely trying to understand my own thoughts through one of the few ways I know how. Love to read your own, even if it is just saying how much you disagree with or hate what I wrote, so please leave a comment.





A Memory

Traces of a nonexistent past. Shadows paint the walls with scenes tinged of nostalgia. Moments of joy and of tears jumbled together.

I can still hear the sweet melody of your laughter as we huddled under the blankets in our bed. The scent of your hair fills my nose while your tears stain my shirt as I try to comfort your pain and grief. Of course, not all was so serene.

Our screams trying to claim strength over the other while unsure of what was being discussed to begin with. The uncertainty of what each of these fight’s resolution would actually bring.

You fill up every corner and crevice of this place. Your very image is etched so deep into my mind that no substance can wash it away. Distance has helped and you have begun to fade.

I no longer reach out to you in my sleep nor expect to wake up to the sound of your voice. Your visage does not haunt the faces of the women I see.

With more time, you will be nothing more than a memory, and eventually less than that.