On Context

Does context even matter anymore? No, seriously, I am asking. In the modern world of offense and entendre, it seems as though intent are no longer of any worth or value and all that matters is the reception. I am not suggesting that anyone should be offended by the words or actions of someone since there are plenty of legitimate cases of assholes being assholes and wanting to get a reaction out of the objects or targets of their vitriol. In those cases, yeah definitely call out the douchenozzle for being such and, if possible and applicable, makes sure there are some consequences for their actions. Frankly, they deserve it.

However, there has to be some middle ground where words, and even actions, can be calmly examined for intent and worth and not just automatically discounted or attacked. It happens quite a bit particularly to public figures. For some reason (I know the reason), people will latch onto anything that could even be interpreted as a misstep and shine a huge light, analyze it to death, and basically just shit on a public figure for having expressed something, and in a lot of cases not necessarily anything that was actually offensive just something that the contrarian dislikes.

Guess what humans. Just because you happen to dislike or disagree with something/someone does not automatically make that thing/person problematic, offensive, or wrong. Now, they very well could be one, two, or all of those things, but that judgement should require actual analysis, thought, and evidence beyond your distaste. A friend mentioned in conversation a while back how we, as a society, don’t really seem to have any “big” conversations anymore, and to some degree we no longer really have “small” conversations neither. Basically, he was referring to the idea of a group of people getting together and simply having a talk about anything and everything. It seems like such a small gesture but I think it would have an immense amount of value.

Like usual, I don’t have any solutions at hand. Hell, for all I know this is only an issue in my head and not in reality. So what do you think? Does context and intent matter anymore? Should they?


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