On Confusion and Distress…Sort Of

I have a few friends who are relatively successful in their chosen fields. Others are at least attempting to progress or make moves to try to do what they want with their lives. I see many more random strangers attempt to do the same through the lens of social media into their lives. I witness this and wonder how the fuck they manage to make any progress in their lives.

No, seriously, I have no clue how they do it. I genuinely want to peek into their brains and figure out where this motivation and drive and purpose comes from. If I could also figure out a way to somehow bottle whatever I find into a dispensable form for later use, it would not be objectionable.

What motivates people? And before the standard answers of self, money, sex, dreams, and other bullshit come through, it is not that simple. After all, if the promise of a better result or conclusion was all it took, there would be a metric shit ton of more people accomplishing a lot more in their lives. So how do people get off their ass and make shit happen?

Personally, I am baffled by the sheer scope of experience, work, time, etc. that stands between myself and where/who I want to be. Hell, the gap between me now and even just the next step seems daunting.

I am beginning to wonder if perhaps I am meant to be one of those individuals who simply had big dreams but accomplished none of them. Frankly, it happens. There are thousands upon thousands of people who had a similar fate. It seems arrogant to think yourself above this level. Is that what is missing? Is a sense of arrogance that I am deserving of what I desire needed to finally succeed? No, seriously I am asking because I am kind of spiraling right now and unsure of what to do.

The most basic advice I keep seeing and hearing is to just keep working at it, but there has to be more to it than just hard work, right? When is it enough and time to call it in?

I need to do something and soon; I just have no clue what. Any ideas? I kind of need some help.


One thought on “On Confusion and Distress…Sort Of

  1. Do, something. Personally, I find fear and shame to be great motivators to go and do stuff. I am afraid of not paying off my student loans, and therefore I will do literally any job that allows me to pay off those loans.
    In terms of longterm and short term goals, I would rather fear having done something wrong than fear doing nothing at all. After all, the action I regret most from law school times was NOT talking to Emily (twice!).
    But don’t take my word for it (a la Lavar Burton) (go listen to Walter White’s fear speech to Hank, I can’t copy/paste here for some reason).

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