Lessons From…The Drop

Finally saw a film I had been wanting to watch for some time this weekend; The Drop. Any movie with Tom Hardy or Noomi Rapace is going to peak my interest. Both of them together and I am pretty much guaranteed to watch it. I mean just watch this trailer.

Seriously, how could you not want to see that? Of course, I found a few points worthy of discussion during my viewing. As always SPOILERS ahead.

Okay there might be one spoiler ahead...

Okay there might be one spoiler ahead…

Alright, so just to get this out of the way, the dog/puppy lives. I know. I was worried about the dog’s fate initially since most media has taught me to fear happiness particularly when cute animals are concerned. Now, with that out of the way on to the major points of the film.

That's right boy, you live!

That’s right boy, you live!

The movie revolves around a bar that serves as a drop off for an organized crime family. Everything runs smoothly until the bar is robbed, and the two proprietors are told to find the stolen money. This is the major conflict of the film as both individuals are holding secrets from one another about their pasts and their ties to the robbery that has them on the line to a violent crime boss. The tension between the two primary characters, Bob and Cousin Marv, played by Tom Hardy and James Gandolfini respectively, is the driving force of the film as they want two distinct and opposing things.

Cousin Marv used to be a big player in his hometown of Boston, or so he thinks, until the Chechens take over. He then is relegated to nothing more than a middle man. Marv is very unhappy with these circumstances and is desperately trying to find some method of regaining prestige and favor whatever the consequences. Bob, on the other hand, merely wants to run a bar and keep his hands clean from the nastier, dirtier side of the business. He wants to live a simple, quiet life away from the necessity of violence of his past.

Two roads and souls diverged...

Two roads and souls diverged…

Unfortunately, Marv decides to rob his own bar, and the Chechens, to set himself up for the future. Bob suspects this and confronts Marv about his suspicions. Undeterred, Marv continues with his plan and everything is set. Marv is assassinated and Bob becomes indebted to the Chechens. Yet, both their conclusions seemed essentially fated due to their demeanor and personalities. One wanted to be known, feared, respected and the other wanted to be left alone. Sadly, neither individual was suited for their desires. Marv was never going to be a big shot and Bob was not meant to be a quiet bartender which is the ultimate moral and lesson of the film. As hard as they may try and fight no one can ever escape who they really are. Marv was a pathetic wannabe trying to rise far above his station and Bob could not suppress the intellect, strength, and beast that was buried within him.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.

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