On Stagnation and Progress (Or Lack Thereof)

Feel like I am in another rut recently with no clue how to get out of it or make any form of progress toward some sort of foreseeable future. I am trying not to complain or fall into a pit of despair and/or depression, but it is not an easy thing. And frankly it is getting harder and harder. I’ve managed to not go full bat shit crazy with the writing and drawing serving as creative distractions and soul filling activities. The occasional trip to see old comrades and commiserate also helps immensely. Unfortunately, I know that will eventually not be enough.

Basically, I need a major change and have no clue how to make it happen. It seems so simple on paper, right? Want to change something? Just do it. But then reality sinks in and you realize that you have bills, loan payments, rent, and other crap that requires money, time, and resources. Essentially, the whole ‘being a responsible adult with actual life shit’ kind of gets in the way of pursuit of goals/dreams/etc.

Either way, I know I won’t last too much longer. Something needs to change, and soon.

Admittedly, this was pretty much just a weird rant. Anyone have any ideas as to how to get out of a life rut? (I’ll try practically anything at this point)

2 thoughts on “On Stagnation and Progress (Or Lack Thereof)

  1. Well for one thing: http://i.imgur.com/k72Z7.jpg (even though I’ve since learned this isn’t from BW himself).

    As for what to do, you’ve got to move forward. I’m pretty sure that’s advice from the Tomb Raider reboot, but it’s sound advice nonetheless. You’re basically saying two things: 1) I hate where I’m at more each day and 2) I can’t go anywhere because of various impediments. Your unhappiness per the first is probably feeding into your willingness to believe the bigness of the impediments. Like you said, something has to change. So either settle in for a lifetime of unhappiness or kick the fear that’s holding you back down the stairs and walk over its broken-necked corpse on your way out the door.

    Frankly, I’d choose the latter option.

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