On Attachments (To Stories)

So I have discussed my mixed criticisms and opinion of the HBO series Girls in the past. My overall perception has not changed much, but I was given a bit of insight as to the strong connection and advocacy that people have brought to the program.

While I was visiting friends in another state, the topic of the show Girls came up and two friends were discussing how much they liked the show while I was the dissident voice. What I found most odd was that whenever I made any criticism concerning the show, my friends would take it personally. They considered my critiques of the show to be critiques of their experience and lives.

Basically, their emotional attachment and defense of the show came from the program being one of the first, and only pieces of media, that they felt depicted their particular stories and pasts. Obviously, the show is not an exact depiction of their lives and experiences, but it was similar enough for them to make a connection. Thus, any criticism, even possibly valid ones, of the program were critiques of them.

I think this was the most powerful aspect of shows like Girls. The audience and fans don’t see a television program but a friend or a part of themselves, so, of course, they would go to bat for the show regardless of the criticisms. I have had such connections with media myself and will fight to the death defending them (still love you Firefly, The Cape, Carnivale, etc.). I suppose it is important to remember that when discussing even seemingly innocuous subjects like television.

What shows, songs, and/or books do you connect with and love? Which ones would you defend to the death against any ill words? I am curious to see what people like, so please answer below in the comments.

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