On One’s Word

I was looking around for an image or quote that could embody the idea of keeping one’s word and the one above kept coming up under a search for “keeping one’s word.” I don’t know if that is more telling of society or my Google search abilities, but it is still rather surprising that the most popular quote on being honest and dutiful is basically saying not to do it. Really? What the fuck, humanity?

I began pondering on the idea of promises and oaths and how those directly relate to and influence a person’s perception in other’s eyes. Oddly enough, this thought process was started by contemplation over an action movie, John Wick, of which further ruminations can be found here. In the film, John Wick is known throughout the criminal world solely by his name. It draws awe and inspires fear and respect. His name alone moves empires. Of course, this reaction is the culmination of years of effort, work, and being true to his word and name. After all, our names are only as good as the association people have to them.

This all got me thinking on my name and word. Not my actual name, obviously, but more how others perceive my fidelity and name. Do people think I am trustworthy? Dependable? Honest? There are not many characteristics or traits that I am overly concerned about, but the idea of being a person of my word is most definitely one. I am not saying I am always perfect when trying to be honest or true, but I try my best. (Also, it should be noted that there is a vast difference between being honest and an asshole)

As much as I try to be honest and dutiful with others, I fail equally when dealing with myself. We all do some extent since we are our worst critics, judges, and liars. Seriously, I lie to myself more than any other person, and I am fairly certain I am not alone in this respect. Why do we do that? Why do we lie to ourselves so much about so many things? What is it about our nature that we choose to deceive ourselves concerning relationships, careers, and many aspects of our lives? At what point do we stop? I am actually asking because I would really love for my brain, soul, and body to get all on the same page and to stop being dickwads to me.

So what are your thoughts? Why do we lie to ourselves or to others? Can we stop? Or am I completely full of it?


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