On Intelligence

So after seeing Chappie and Big Hero 6, nearly back to back, this past weekend, I immediately started thinking about the possibility of artificial intelligence and the consequences of creating a true A.I. Obviously, I am not a computer engineer/scientist, so my understanding is limited to a basic understanding. Thus, I am not fully aware of all the limitations that the development of artificial intelligence currently has. However, considering the progression of humanity and our willingness to continue to seek answers and solutions, I believe that we will eventually achieve the capability to create some form of artificial intelligence, assuming there is not some natural obstacle that impedes the capability of such creation.

I wonder though what the ramifications of our desire to create intelligent life will be. Honestly, by all accounts if we were to somehow create a machine capable of individual thought and progression, it would be smarter than its creators within days. Not to mention that a machine could function without the limits that a human brain has. What would such a creation be? Would it be alive? What rights would it have once it has achieved sentience? What rights or responsibilities do we as humans have concerning this new form of intelligent life? At that point, do we as humans become obsolete? I mean in theory as long as it has power (most likely in the form of electricity or some other fuel source) this machine life would be immortal.

Furthermore, could we integrate this type of immortality into ourselves? As in, could we achieve immortality through the use of machines? We would no longer have biological bodies, but our minds and consciousness would transfer to a robotic body of sorts. We would still be us; just no longer squishy or flesh. What would this ability to transfer conscious from one body to another do to our concepts of life and death?

I don’t have the answers to these philosophical queries but am interested in the conversations revolving around them. What do you all think? What will the creation of artificial intelligence do to society/humanity?


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