Lessons From…Gilmore Girls

I found the Gilmore Girls series on Netflix and went down a binge spiral. The show holds a special place in my heart since I watched it when I was younger…nearly religiously. Because of this I was concerned that the nostalgia of the show would be more enjoyable than the actual program itself. After watching the entire first season, one major aspect (aka lesson) came to mind.  As always SPOILERS ahead.

I miss PAX...I really do.

I miss PAX…I really do.

First off, if you have not seen Gilmore Girls, go watch it now. It’s free on Netflix, so you have little to no excuse to see this wonderful program. Second, there is so much show to watch and so many applicable lessons that could be derived from this series that this will most likely not be the last post I write that deals with Gilmore Girls. You have been warned. If you feel the need to leave, I understand. (Not all of us can have good taste)

Thus the lesson takeaway I really want to discuss is the need and purpose of a self built community. The entire town of Stars Hollow, the fake home of the aforementioned Gilmore Girls, exists as a self made menagerie of friends, camarades, confidantes, and, essentially, family. These people get the main characters through many plot devices and problems and obstacles.

Yes they are actors, but they will always be the residents of Stars Hollow to me.

Yes they are actors, but they will always be the residents of Stars Hollow to me.

I am currently making plans to visit friends out of state and getting revitalized from interaction with my chosen “family.” As I have gotten older, I have realized how much more important my friends are than I originally would have thought. I will always have my family and, even with our vast differences and disagreements, I will always love them and have a relationship with them. However, I was not born with my friends and I choose them based on personal preference and a list of criteria (mostly kidding).

Perhaps, my sense of friendly connections was always a bit inherent and my love of Gilmore Girls was not so accidental. So, go find your chosen family, choose well, and revel in the experiences they will have you undertake.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.


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