On Attachments

So I have returned from my adventure of PAX South and had an amazing time. I wish I could have taken many more pictures and met infinitely more people than I did, but alas it was not to be. However, most of my tour of PAX, I primarily worked as an Enforcer. It sounds far more menacing than it actually is. Basically, I was one of several hundred volunteers that made helped PAX happen (I worked the Main Theater and TableTop sections). Here is a short (relatively) rundown of what I am talking about:

Yeah, I became part of that glorious group over the course of three days. During this experience, I made friends, helped several tens of people, and, in a sense, kind of became part of something bigger than myself. Now, calm down. Obviously, I am not trying to compare the experience to truly noble endeavors, crusades, or beliefs. I merely mean that it has been a long time since I have been part of a group with a clearly defined goal legitimately helping each other and complete strangers to achieve said goal.

Seriously, all throughout graduate school, it was basically a clusterfuck of idiotic infighting, intellectual masturbation, and genital measuring contests over irrelevant (even by academia standards) that ended in passive aggressive bullshit. That might explain why most of our social outings involved alcohol.

Anyhow, I grew attached to the event, to the people, and to the enthusiastic, crazy, optimistic, and endlessly helpful group known as Enforcers. They have a saying “Once an E, always an E” and I understand what they mean. I miss the experience of being at PAX, but I definitely miss the people more.

I suppose this first adventure of the year definitely taught me something. I am still looking for more than I have. I thought this was simply my desire for a different career, but it might be that I am searching for a purpose as well beyond a job. It is another thing to add to a seemingly growing list, but one that I look forward to figuring out.

If you get the opportunity, go to a PAX, maybe even PAX South next year because it is really a different experience that you will likely not forget.

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