Lessons From…LARPs: The Series

Still kind of reeling from PAX South, so not quite prepared to do the usual intensive and insightful (I know I am indeed a very modest and humble individual) post that I strive for. Seriously, I am functioning on like 5 -10 hours of sleep after working 30 hours as an Enforcer and then running around trying to see as much on my off time. No clue how guests like Markiplier can keep their energy levels up for conventions for so long. The man is a machine.

So, in keeping with the geek filled continuum of the weekend, I decided to do a short analysis of the new series, LARPs, on Geek & Sundry. It is completely free to watch on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel and the first episode can be found here:

If you have any interest in either Live Action Role Playing (LARPing, get it?) or Dungeons & Dragons or role playing in general, the series will probably be right up your alley. Now, there is currently only one episode out, so there is not much to really SPOIL at the moment.

Yeah, still going to use this even with no spoilers attached.

Yeah, still going to use this even with no spoilers attached.

The first lesson to be taken from the series is pretty obvious, but it is one that everyone needs to be reminded of every once in awhile. Tolerance, even of the absurd, is a worthwhile trait. Obviously, I am not saying that all ideologies should be considered or accepted; however, every person has the right to believe whatever they wish as long as it is not harming or affecting any other person. I have several friends who are part of SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms), a group of live action role players who have years of experience, lore, and tradition.

Of course, I did not realize that at first, thus when first invited to an event I was basically standing on the sidelines confused and drinking some very good mead (there was a lot of drinking involved). To be perfectly honest, I found the whole experience very weird. It was not until further analysis that I realized most of my interests and hobbies would be pretty weird to other outside observers. In the end, everyone is obsessive and stupid about their personal interests; some are just seen as more socially acceptable for some stupid reason.

The other obvious lesson that seemed relevant from the inaugural episode of the series is simply that people (and archetypes) will surprise you. Most people would think the Paladin should act in a certain way, but not how the one in the show did. In reality, though there are no yet clear indications that she (the Paladin) acted out of turn.

Really though, even in a game, there are rarely clear cut designations for characters and role playing, and life, is far more fun when there are not. Now, go forth, watch the series, and play some fucking games.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.


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