On Adventures

So the year has started and I am already hating it to some extent. I suppose it is just the standard “not quite happy with my current circumstances” situation that most people go through. Thankfully, I am actually making some progress toward changing my current situation toward something I want. Even so, I get frustrated and bored with life in South Texas.

I know this sounds like idiotic whining, but honestly there are minimal cultural instances in the area outside of religious organizations and activities. And beyond that there really is not much to do. Because of this, I decided that this year I would try to go on more adventures. Sadly, these will not be the “go to faraway land and slay the dragon” kind of adventures that make for epic songs. Mostly because I do not have the kind of funds to go that far away and finding easily killable giant lizards is proving more difficult than I originally thought.

Instead, my random adventures will be slightly more tied to reality. Some will be here at home. Some will have me travel to see friends. Some will involve travel to random locations. A few will be planned. Many will not. Either way, I expect them to help me along in my projects by making sure to keep my sanity partially intact. The first of these adventures begins tomorrow in San Antonio as I work at and attend PAX South!!

I have been looking forward to this for months. I cannot wait to finally be in the convention center working alongside fellow Enforcers and meeting people in the entertainment industry that I have admired for years. I know going to this event will not be a “game changer” or cure all my ills but adventures are a necessary part of the “hero’s journey” and I could use all the experiences I can muster.

So what are some adventures you will be taking this year? What are some you wish you could go on?

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