On Today

I wanted to write a post about the new Star Wars and Exodus trailers. Or more specifically the idiotic racists reactions and explanations to the casting choices in both movies. The trailers for both were going to be embedded. I had a whole explanation and analysis planned about them with a few theorists and critics mentioned. I even had a couple of links and graphs that I thought about using. Then another grand jury gave another decision about an incident involving a black person and a cop today and, honestly, I am just tired.

I am tired of excessive force by those sworn to protect us and uphold the laws. I am tired of hearing and seeing news about people of color being killed and harmed by police without consequence. I am sick and tired of idiotic defenses of “Not All Cops” or “White People Get Killed by Police Too! Where’s the outrage for that?” I am sick of excuses and throwaway explanations or lack thereof completely. Frankly, I am just sick and tired of this happening again and again.

There are no clear solutions or answers, as much as people claim that there may be. There is something wrong here. I don’t know if it is with the system, or society, or just humanity, but there is something wrong here.  I pray and hope that whatever is can be fixed. We, foolish humans, have been great at breaking things, but we also seem to have a knack for fixing as well. Of course, that requires a willingness to look at the problem and attempt to do something about it.

Thankfully, there are those willing to stand and scream and be seen. They are being called a nuisance. fools, followers, and worst. Hopefully, history will remember them by a better name, but for now mourn the losses, kiss your loved ones, and pray that the madness ends.

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