All Hallow’s Read

In case the odd profile picture was not enough of a giveaway, I am trying to promote All Hallow’s Read. What is it? Well, I’ll let this explain it Pretty cool, right?

Anyhow, I really want to participate this year, so this is what I am going to do: the first 4 people to respond to this post with a comment will get a book. I’ll try to give you one that you will actually enjoy based on a mixture of my knowledge of you, your comment/hints, profile. and pure dumb luck and guesses.

I only request that you actually read the book, take a picture to ensure the book arrived, and tell me how good or bad my selection was. Also, if you want to give someone else a book this month, or any time, that would be cool too.

As well, if you are a total stranger…I’ll figure something out to ensure you get a book. Of course, this could all be for naught and no one will respond to this, but the worst that can happen is I get to gift a couple of books to people. If you do happen to be an utter stranger (preferably not a bot), maybe leave a hint of interests or hobbies in your comment. (Not a book title).
Happy Halloween and an All Hallow’s Read. Read more books!

16 thoughts on “All Hallow’s Read

  1. Am I the first to respond? I hope not. This sounds awesome! I would request that you send me your very favorite book. Even if I’ve read it, I’ll read it again. Then, we can discuss what was so great about the book.

  2. Total (and utter) stranger here….tossing my name/hat into the ring. Since crazyinparis has already called dibs on your “favorite” book….I’m calling first-runner-up book.

    I’m following you on twitter….can I send you a DM w/address?

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