On Time Travel (As Seen in About Time)

I recently wrote a post about a romantic film that used time travel as a plot device. This writing and the film I based it on got me thinking about time travel. More specifically about being able to travel within one’s own timeline and change events to fit whatever parameters we want or choose.

Obviously, most people would either abuse this ability or simply fix inconsequential little nuisances Frankly, I would probably do the same…at first. However, I would like to believe that eventually I would try to do something more profound or legitimate with it.

Of course, the limitations of time travel suggested by the film would hinder certain possibilities.I could not go back and stop Hitler or something grandiose like that. Nor could I see the pyramids be erected or some wonder of the world before my eyes. Hell, I wouldn’t even be able to appear in a new place since I would just be able to go where I have been.

Still if given the ability to correct any mistakes and to really experience the wondrous moments in an infinite manner, would I do so? I mean we all dream of redoing some aspects of our lives or at the very least going back and reliving one grand, perfect moment of our past. Would it be so bad to do that?

If we are the eventual product of our decisions and their consequences, does the ability to correct them change us if we still retain the memory of the original choice? After all, you would still have had the experience and learned from it which is what enabled you to fix it in the first place. All that changed is that for everyone else in the world that moment never happened, so you remain that uncommonly perfect individual.

This is the only picture after Googling "perfect guy" that didn't make me want to punch my computer.

This is the only picture after Googling “perfect guy” that didn’t make me want to punch my computer.

I suppose there is a reason we must live and experience the choices we make because that is the only way we would ever evolve and grown. Without that we are essentially dead. However, I must also admit that we already have in place a method of correction; the natural progression of life and time.

It’s probably not as easy or exciting as time travel, but as long as you are not dead, you can correct your past. Whatever mistakes you made can be fixed, learned from, and eventually forgotten. Personally, that last bit still troubles me from time to time, but then I remember that I can let it go and that hopefully some good came from that experience. Clearly, it is up to me whether or not there was a learning moment during that experience, so we’ll go with an appositive response for the moment.

Even so, if given the chance, I know there are moments in my, albeit short life, I would want to redo and see what may have been. Perhaps that is a common trait we all share.

So, what would you do if you could freely travel to any moment in your past? What memory/event would you want to relive again? Which would you try to fix or erase?

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