Lessons From…Hermione Granger (Ok, Emma Watson But Still…)

Normally, I analyze a movie, book, television show, or another piece of media, but today the media really speaks for itself. Today, Hermione, I mean Emma Watson, spoke in front of United Nations delegates on the topic of equality and a new campaign that she is part of: HeforShe.org.

Like I said, the media, in this case the televised speech, speaks for itself. Frankly, it is a worthwhile message delivered by probably one of the better celebrity options. At times, I doubt the power and influence of celebrity, but this is one of the rare cases where I see the worth of such a privilege.

After all, this is the girl who played Hermione Granger, one of the best developed female characters in recent literary history. Better skilled than her friends, more proactive than her boyfriend, and eventually one of the best damn wizard and professor in Hogwarts’s legacy. In real life, Watson also made major headlines when after acquiring world wide fame, the acclaim of her peers, and enough money to last her well into old age and beyond, she decided to attend Brown University and obtain a collegiate degree solely because she believed it to be an admirable endeavor.

Basically, the takeaway message is that Hermione Granger was a badass; Emma Watson is somehow probably even badasser. Also, she does this kind of shit amid assholes threatening her online and in real life, so +∞ to Gryffindor. As well, fuck you shitty people!

My only real criticism of this speech is its method of appeal. While I agree that to truly make significant changes to equality across the globe and board cooperation between men, women, and everything in between is necessary, I found the plea that was made asking men to assist off putting. Men should not help women because it will ultimately benefit them. They should provide aid because it is the right fucking thing to do.

Seriously, if your instinct tells you to consider what is in it for you when you see someone in need of help, you need to grow the fuck up and become a decent human being.

So, today’s lesson: Be willing to initially listen without judgment. Don’t be a dick. Help others whenever you can. 


Emma ain't having none of your shit.

Emma ain’t having none of your shit.

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