On Priorities

I am writing this blog post because I made a choice a while back to write more, in general but also specifically on this blog. Afterwards, I will write up a lesson plan for my classes in order to be better prepared for tomorrow because it is my job. I mean, technically it is what I get paid to do. Once that is finished, I will attempt to get my lazy ass to work out, shower, and have a meal since apparently you are supposed to eat more than once in a day. If time and energy permits, I will, hopefully, be able to finally play Destiny for a bit. 

I would much rather skip all the steps before it and go play Destiny for as long as my body and mind can hold out. While this is most likely what I would have done just a year or two ago, it is no longer a plausible situation. I now have a full time job that requires certain responsibilities. I also realized that I have to try to maintain some semblance of a working body and mind which require things like upkeep and sleep.

Beyond this there are also goals and endgames that I want to accomplish and just like everyone else I only have 24 hours in the day. Since I am limited in time and resources, I have to pick and choose what I can and cannot do. Of course, this means that some of my preferred hobbies and pastimes take a back seat to more important or necessary functions. I suppose this is what happens as we grow and mature. We realize what matters to us and attempt to put our energy into those things because we want to excel in them.

Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec, said it best, “Sometimes you gotta work a little, so you can ball a lot.” And really isn’t that what we all are trying to accomplish?

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