Lessons From…Penny-Arcade

If you have never read Penny-Arcade, what the fuck have you been doing with the Internet? No, but seriously you should definitely check out their stuff because it is awesome in all its forms. I have previously written about my love of their creations in the past, and I will continue to do so until I no longer have the ability to speak its virtues.

Now, normally I would ponder on and discuss a piece of media mining it for possible deeper messages, meanings, and lessons. However, there are not really any deeper possibilities for the specific comics I want to discuss/will link to. They talk about one of the most common human experiences: sex, and all the various beliefs, ideologies, and perspectives that come along with it. Obviously, since this is a humorous comic, the strips tend to fall on the funny side, but they still demonstrate a complex grasp of human sexuality from various avenues.

For example:

I fear this same conversation with my future children.

I fear this same conversation with my future children.

Hear we see the dreaded “talk” between parent and child. One aspect of sex that we have mixed feelings about from both child and parent perspectives. This is what Penny Arcade does well: take real world situations and break them into manageable and entertaining bits we can relate to. There are more comics in this “talk” arc that are informative, funny, and worth checking out, but I think the most educational one is by Erika Moen:

Just a girth of information.

Just a girth of information.

Yeah, definitely informative. Anyhow, there are more to read and laugh at and learn from at Penny-Arcade. In fact, here are the links to the rest of the “talk” series:

The Talk by Mike Krahulik

The Talk by Abby Howard (a pretty amusing one as well)

The Talk by Scott Kurtz

The Talk by Bill Amend

The Talk by Tavis Maiden

The Talk by Erica Moen (as seen above)

The Talk by Amy T. Falcone (another hard truth one)

Hopefully, there will be more, but these are pretty damn good to begin with. I find it amazing and hilarious how something so essential to our existence and being can be seen in so many different by people to cause worry, concern, joy, excitement, dread, and virtually every other human emotion. So read the comics and see where you land on the spectrum of sex. It’s not the worst way to kill a few minutes online.

Thus endeth today’s lesson.

3 thoughts on “Lessons From…Penny-Arcade

  1. I found the Moen piece to be the least funny of all. It’s almost as though she alone didn’t understand what the thematic joke was: that grown adults become children when trying to explain sex to a child. Something we usually treat so seriously baffles and confuses us. The joke is that we are children; the joke isn’t that sex + kids is funny. When it comes to growing up and adolescence, this is my hands down favorite: http://penny-arcade.com/comic/2005/01/17

    • I found the humor to be more how awkward we find discussing sex regardless of age or gender. Moen’s piece was the only one that took the opposite route and actually tried to inform the youth with legitimate information that could be applied but was seen as awkward and inappropriate since it is “too much” info for the kid. I am more on the side of Moen that such topics should be discussed openly to avoid the juvenile emotions surrounding them.

      That is one of my favorite comics and shows that Gabe is fun, man-child while Tycho might legitimately be a fucked up individual.

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