On Growing Up

I am currently in a hotel room about to attend my first work related conference in the morning. This is the first time in my life that I took a flight and went somewhere for the specific reason of furthering my employment. It is a sobering experience. I mean I have only been employed at my current occupation for a few months, and I find it a bit odd to be doing something like this so soon. 

It has been an odd year so far. I started an actual job with health insurance, a retirement plan, and hours of work that I have to attend and be present for. I have embarked on one of the traditional markers of adulthood or at least what American society considers adulthood. 

In a way, it is oddly satisfying. I have a good job with a decent paycheck. I am young and unattached, so I don’t have any major dependents or bills outside of student loans. Even so, I am still searching for something.

I know I will not stop with my current job because as satisfying as it may be, it is not where my heart, head, or passion lies. Where I am physically and mentally is not where I am supposed to be and I am making progress towards movement. So, even though I have definitely grown up, I am by no means done doing so. And perhaps that is also a staple of adulthood; realizing that getting older and growing up are not necessarily the same thing. And that it is okay to still be confused and searching.

I suppose I am not too much of a grown up considering that I am drinking a few beers, eating pizza, and playing games on my computer the night before a work conference. Frankly, that is okay too. To all adults who still hold on to a bit of their childhood, this next drink is for you (and me as well). 

Salud! Cheers! To Franks! (That one’s for you, Honeycutt)

2 thoughts on “On Growing Up

  1. I liked everything about this except the phrase “making progress toward movement.” That sounds like some hippy nonsense and I won’t stand for it! *slams hand against table and/or flips table*

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