Lessons From…That Awkward Moment

Today’s lesson comes from the romantic comedy That Awkward Moment. So, right off the bat, this film is no Citizen Kane or even a Citizen Bob for that matter. However, it is a surprisingly entertaining and satisfying movie as long as you are not expecting Shakespeare. To be perfectly honest, I was actually surprised by how much I enjoyed the film considering the star. Somehow, Zac Efron has had a rather impressive career post-Disney days. As always from this point on: SPOILERS.




As you can see while the film has a classic rom-com love story, the true “heart” of it lies in the friendship and interactions of the three main male characters. This is probably why I found the movie so entertaining. Any film that relies on a central camaraderie always, at the very least, piques my interest.

Now, I could discuss the possible messages of physical/sexual and emotional relationships with the opposite sex post early 20’s/college days or even the essence of friendship amidst evolving personalities, but for me this film has one message in particular.

Early on in the movie, Mikey (played by the irreverent Michael B. Jordan) is with his friends Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) having breakfast while trying to recover from the shocking news that his wife wants a divorce. Mikey cannot understand how his life is in such a tailspin.


He best exemplifies this in the following lines, “I went to medical school right after college. I married the right girl. I did everything I was supposed to do. I did everything right.” Essentially, Mikey believes that he made all the right decisions at the right times and ended up with a huge mess.

Considering my own life and current path, I could not help but empathize with this confusion from the character. After all, everyone wants to believe that a just reward will present itself at the end of equal effort and work. Of course, this is hardly ever true and life does not really work that way.

Which brings us to today’s lesson: There is no road map to life and regardless of our choices we are owed or deserving of nothing. I know it is a rather depressing thought, but it is honest. We can make all the right choices with the best people at the appropriate times and end up no where. It is why someone who runs marathons and eats only the best organic foods can be hit by a car one day while the mess who inhales a scotch and bacon cheeseburger a day can live well into the Golden Years.

Life is a beautiful, chaotic whirlwind that we have the privilege of riding through. There are ups and downs and a lot of the times those are not dependent on what we put into them. This is not to say that we shouldn’t make plans or dream those impossible goals. Only that we should appreciate the rare opportunities and moments when life is good and learn from and live through the times when it is a bit a bad. In the long run, there is not much else we can do and really would we want any other way?

Thus endeth today’s lesson.



2 thoughts on “Lessons From…That Awkward Moment

  1. I wonder aloud how this lesson has been applied to your life at the present moment. I’ve always lived with little expectation of a definite future and the one advantage I can see is that whatever happens tends to surprise me. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

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