On Writing Goals/Challenges

I am currently in the midst of CampNaNoWrimo and my word count is not quite what it should be. Truth be told I have tried to complete the NaNoWrimo challenge a few times before and have fell short of the finish line. I am hoping that this time will be different and that I will manage to catch up on my writing project. *Fingers, toes, and other malleable appendages crossed*

This worry over my current writing challenge did get me thinking (unfortunately not writing so obviously my muse has a wicked sense of humor) about goals and challenges. We attempt various things in our lifetimes, and most will never be accomplished. Whether circumstance or apathy does not allow their completion, the truth is most of our goals will only be dreams in our heads.

Not the goals discussed but I miss the World Cup fervor.

Not the goals discussed but I miss the World Cup fervor.

Yet we continue to make lists and lists of achievement we wish to strive for and fervently pursue them. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we create these endgames? Is it merely the desire and need for hope of change and progress or do the things we labor for have some deeper intrinsic meaning for us?

I wish I could answer even half of those questions, but I do believe that the dreams we have are at least possible to attain. Hell, I have aspirations of being a published author and the stats on that fantasy are not forgiving. Still, having that in my back pocket makes me write as much as I can and read authors of all genres to expand my internal inventory and appreciation. Thus, even if I never see my name on the New York Times bestseller list, my life would have been enriched in some way by this pursuit of a pipe dream.

More in line with post.

More in line with post.

Maybe, that’s the best any of us can hope for. Perhaps it is the, at times, vain attempt of a challenge that benefits more than the end result. Who knows, but it is, admittedly, fun just to try.

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