On Transitions

Only image of transition I could find that wasn't glasses.

Only image of transition I could find that wasn’t glasses.

Transitions are hard. Seriously, they are damn near impossible to write well and in an interesting way. In my job, I try to explain to my students (English teacher y’all) why transitions in writing are so important. After all, explaining the medical benefits of marijuana usage (I swear this has been a chosen writing topic for years now) in one paragraph and then incarceration possibilities in the following may be jarring for a reader.

Thus, you need to be able to flow from one paragraph into another without much trouble or random sentences or ideas. Cotton candy is delicious. Otherwise, there might be a bit of confusion in relaying information or conversing with your audience. I have high hopes that whoever reads this has a sense of humor and poetic justice.

While transitions are important in writing and narrative works, they are of equal importance outside the borders of the page or screen. Currently, I still consider myself in transition from being a college graduate/student to a functioning, contributing adult. Who knows if I will ever really make the final push.

The truth is we are always in some state of transition and I don’t know if, as a species, we have gotten any better at managing these changes. Frankly, I hope so because, honestly, what is the alternative.

So, what phase(s) are you currently transitioning from or to? Any tips on how to make the trip a bit easier?

One thought on “On Transitions

  1. Take the bridge of least resistance? It is not just about what you love
    when it comes to serving. It’s also about what you’re good at. (Bad English)
    Striving to be the best around comes easier to men, I suppose. Yes?
    It does happen. Others will adore your natural skills — honed to perfection.

    Be a bridge for others; a peacemaker, in transit, to being a bridge for all.
    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree 🙂

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