On Promotion

E3 has taken over California and certain social media sites. Truth be told, I have been watching virtually every available piece of coverage from the major video game and pop culture sites. I would wreck some shit for the opportunity to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo someday. Seriously, just perform unspeakable acts for that golden ticket…

Anyhow, while I enjoy the coverage of announcements and trailers, the entire expo is, admittedly, a week long advertisement for the video game industry. It makes sense. When a company makes multi-million dollar projects, it would want a return on said investment. As much as we like to claim otherwise because of our supposedly developed selves, advertisements still work on us. So, for those that enjoy playing video games, E3 is a pretty effective method of promotion.

Of course, it would be. The companies involved, with the exception of the independent developers present, have creative marketing teams whose entire professions revolve around making video games appealing to massive audiences. The large budgets don’t hurt either. However, what about when you don’t have a separate team, immense budget, or promotional background? What about those of us that would prefer to just create something and hope that it will find an audience?

Obviously, this is not an effective method. When you are trying to create your own creative space with the eventuality of it being self sustaining, you do not really have the option of silence. Unlike large companies or established individuals, most up and coming creatives don’t have a team to do their marketing for them. As well, most creative types are not the most social individuals, so literally shouting out into the ether “Hey look at me and my stuff” tends to not be the easiest thing in the world.

How does one manage to promote their work without coming off desperate, annoying, or naive? Seriously, not a rhetorical question. Is there some special gene in certain people that they feel no shame and just go up to people without issue or concern? If so, can someone bottle that shit up and put it on sale because I will pre-order like 500 bottles. I know that in order for me to have any chance of having a career in a creative field, self promotion and marketing will play a necessary role, but how does one get comfortable wearing that particular hat?

I feel that I am just throwing questions into the miasma of the Internet without positing any type of response. Sorry about that, but I tend to use these posts to think things through and maybe get some response to my queries. Thus, I’ll leave it to you random readers: any thoughts on self-promotion? Love to hear a few…


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