On Questions

I don’t know if I was naive, ignorant, stupid, or, perhaps, actually a bit smart when I was younger, but the older I get the more questions seem to pop up and the fewer answers there are available. When I was younger, I had certain notions and ideas that guided my decisions and that I used to engage with the world around me.

Seemed to fit perfectly

Seemed to fit perfectly

However, those simple notions are no longer as reliable as I once believed. I know that ideally we should never stop questioning as that is the only way we can learn and grow. The day you stop learning you are pretty much done in this life. Still, aren’t questions supposed to lead to some sort of answers? After all, what is the point of constantly positing questions if you never find any suitable answers?

The last question, ironically, was not rhetorical. There are times when I wish I could live in ignorant bliss with no questions bumping around in my head. Ultimately, that is impossible and all any of us can do is find a series of truths that work for us. I am still working on accumulating mine, but I think I’ve managed to find a few that I’ll keep:



I will always love and respect my family regardless of our inconsistencies and disagreements.

I know I cannot live in my hometown or near my family for both our sake.

There are a few people whom I have chosen the pleasure of calling friends and I am delighted that they chose me as well. (Looking at you, Honeycutt.)

I will do virtually anything for my friends and will do my best to keep them in my life.

No matter what else I might do, I will always write.


These are just a few things I have decided to hold true and without regret. I know more will come. I know I might fail to keep them at all times, but I will try. I know no other way of being.

What are some of your truths?

2 thoughts on “On Questions

  1. Even if you buy into the postmodernist nonsense that eschews metanarratives and Truth and blah blah blah, there can and should still be things immutably true for you. And in my limited experience teaching, I found when I wasnt getting answers from students, it wasn’t necessarily because answers didn’t exist but that I had to refine my question. Curious though, what are these unanswered questions you have?

    • Some are the big ones such as what is the point of life? Why are we here? What should we be doing as people? Etc. Some are of a more personal tangent and directed toward my life and what I should be accomplishing.

      Though to be honest, it is more a matter of questioning all the things I thought I knew or believed in and trying to figure out there validity in my life now.

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