On Heroes

We all have heroes; people that we admire, people that we hope to emulate or follow, people that inspire us to do more and be better. It doesn’t matter if your heroes are found in the pages of colorful comics, small and large screens, or if they are actual physical people because these individuals become very real to you. Whether we care to admit it or not, our heroes influence us and guide us to be who we believe we are meant to be.

Of course, the problem with heroes is best summed up by the film classic, The Dark Knight. More specifically the infamous quote by Harvey Dent, “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” While I don’t agree with the hyperbole of the statement, I do believe that most heroes eventually disappoint their admirers or simply show their humanity.

The truth of the matter is that all heroes are still human and will ultimately fall to some degree in your eyes. However, at times it is better to see the shortcomings of your idols to understand that they too fall short but still strive forward. Still continue toward some purpose. I can’t say who you should look to or consider a hero, but I can say that everyone needs some form of inspiration and aspiration and looking to those who have done great things before us are not the worst place to look.

So who was your hero and why?

P.S. This post idea was partially inspired by the unfortunate passing of Maya Angelou. She was an incredible person that inspired thousands, if not millions, and managed to do so many great things. May her memory never dwindle and may it serve as a model for us to aspire to.

One thought on “On Heroes

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    Thank you for the great content on your site, Mr. Gutierrez! I wish you all the best!

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