On Opportunities

So I was listening to a rather old podcast, Making it with Riki Lindhome to be specific, interview with Felicia Day. I hope I don’t have to explain who Felicia Day is. Really, I do?


Fine, but you are seriously failing at the internet because of this. Actually, you know what, you’re on a computer or phone reading this so you can Google her yourself.

In fact, I’ll make it easy for you; take a look at this and read here. I’ll wait.

We good to go?

Awesome, let’s continue.

Beyond the enjoyable discussion of Ms. Day’s career, I found one thing she mentioned to be rather profound and perplexing. She stated how once she was garnering success from her series, The Guild, several opportunities for television, books, and film were offered to her. Obviously, this is a good problem to have as an entrepreneur and entertainer. However, with so many options and her desire to continue her own productions and make her own options, she ended up turning down several of these offers and essentially closing several doors in the process.

Now, Ms. Day has managed to make the best of her chances, but the question that comes to mind is how did she know which opportunities to take and which to let go of? Honestly, a multitude of choices is just as frightening and frustrating as the lack of any. In order to move forward with a project, you inevitably have to deny yourself other opportunities. What if the choice you make turns out to be a great chance and the path you followed leads to nothing? Honestly, how do people make these decisions that could have such distinct and extreme repercussions? It seems like such an incapacitating action.


In reality, there is no real way to know which choice will lead to which outcome. The only thing that can be done is to make a decision and try to learn from the consequences. Frankly, it is rather scary knowing that and gods know I don’t always manage to follow this piece of wisdom. Still, in the future, I hope to take Felicia’s advice to heart and go with my gut and make the best of whatever scenarios arise.

Would love to hear your thoughts on opportunities, closing doors, and the, at times, terrifying act of making those choices.

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