A Coin Flip

There’s an old decision making trick with a coin. The idea is pretty basic. When faced with indecision, you simply flip a coin. The theory goes that you really want one option over the other and thus will hope that either heads or tails lands up.

Of course, this only works under the assumption that there are only two options and that you actually want one over the other. The slip of metal twirling in the air did not hold any answers for me. I knew what I truly wanted and it was not going to be provided by either a head or an eagle. I could only pray for the best option.

An eternity passed before the disk landed. A quick examination by the announcer provided my answer. “Heads! No weapons! Just bodies!” His announcement yielded great excitement and resounding applause from the spectators.

I stared down my opponent across the ring. My fists were now my only chance of beating a man I knew nothing about for no other reason than to survive…at least until the next coin flip.

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