Magic in the Ink

Everyone is special. Everyone has a power in them.

These were the thoughts that rattled around in my head as the needle pierced my skin. I had experienced the ritual involved in marking my flesh that pain and discomfort were distant memories. The process had become more meditative than aesthetic; something that I needed to do.

“We’re almost finished,” said Ink. I am fairly certain he has a real name, maybe even a legitimate business in another life. However, in this world of shadows I only knew him as his moniker. This was the way things were done: the way we survived.

Tattoo artists, as they liked to call themselves, littered the surrounding area. Of the few that took on clients like myself, Ink was the best and could be counted on to keep his mouth shut.

“Alright, done. Take a look.”

The eye on my rib cage was a thing of exquisite beauty; a deep blue iris that seemed to stare into infinity. Ink’s work was flawless as always. It stung as I caressed my newly acquired mark.

“It’s perfect.”

“Of course, it is. I may not have your skills, but I am a master of my craft,” Ink responded as he put away his tools. “I assume you have a new request already in the works.”

“As a matter of fact, I do.” I pulled out the small box held within my coat. “It has two small vials. More than enough to mix with your ink.”

Ink removed one of the vials and held the vial up to the ceiling bulbs. Even after leaving the body, blood held a dark crimson color that turned a bright red when exposed to a light.

“So am I going to get this one’s name?”

“No names. You don’t need to know to create your work.”

“True, but I do need something.”

“He was a musician. Good with his hands. I am sure that is enough to inspire considering what you managed with last time.”

“Hey, what is more appropriate for someone who spent her life looking at the stars than a well-designed eye?”

“Fair enough. Delivery?”

“Give me two weeks to make the arrangements. I’m sure a man of your talents will have something new by then.”

“Two weeks. I’ll be here.”

I exited Ink’s shop to let him work. The night’s bitter wind ran a chill down my spine. My new eye still heated my side. I could feel her eyes seeping into my body. The moon and stars shined brighter than they ever had before or perhaps I could simply perceive their magnificence easier with my new sight.  My phone rang while I was admiring the night sky.

“New job? Send me the details and it will be done.”  I hung up and waited for my next instructions to come through. Another job presented another opportunity.

Everyone is special. Everyone has a power in them. And I will have their gifts.

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