At what age or point are we supposed to put away childish things and be adults? Sorry for the vagueness of the question; I am sort of writing this as a stream of conscience. Essentially, my question is simply when do we stop pursuing our dreams and start living the lives we have?

Let’s be honest; percentage wise, most people will not achieve their passion’s pursuits. For every one who managed to become an author, there are hundreds of thousands of unread novels and manuscripts. For every actor, there are thousands who are praying for their break. For every musician, there are hundreds of guitars, pianos, and random instruments that go unplayed by their owners. And that are just considering those who manage to etch out a living and life from their dreams. If we just discussed those who actually perform their passions as a livelihood, the numbers go down considerably to a lucky few.

I swear I am not trying to be depressing. I am just trying to be a bit realistic. I mean the world needs painters, musicians, writers, actors, and artists of all kinds. Their creations give life color, sound, and pleasure. What kind of world would we have without them? However, as much as the world desires their gifts, it also needs doctors, teachers, mechanics, plumbers, cooks. etc. Yet, not many people dream of the unflattering professions or the unseen lives. We dream and pray that we may be the lucky few that somehow can create and make something worth remembering.

What is that is not what we are meant to do? And even if we are, how the hell do we go about achieving those lofty ambitions? More importantly, how do we know that we will be fruitful in these endeavors and when to throw in the towel? Unlike other pursuits, there might never be any sign of progress when trying to achieve artistic dreams. What would that sign even be?

This turned out a bit more somber than I had attended, but it is what has been in my head recently. I don’t have any real answers to the questions I posed, hence why I am crowd sourcing some responses here. When, if ever, do we move on from the dreams of our youth and take on the mantel of adulthood?


2 thoughts on “On…Dreams

  1. Was “stream of conscience” an intended or accidental turn of phrase? Either way, it works.
    To answer your question, I would need to know where your head’s at. If you believe in Christian determinism, then whatever your dreams are will either need to be fulfilled or conform to God’s plan. If Capitalism is your cup’a tea, then you should figure out a way to maximize the capital you can create with what you have–if you can make more money teaching writing than yourself writing, then that’s your calling. Or, if you have some vague, undelineated worldview, then I suppose it’s best to start by first identifying what you believe and let that dictate your life.

    • I suppose it has more to do with an unclear direction in life and uncertain goals. I feel like I should have a chosen path at this point in my life, but it just has not materialized.

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