Lessons From… A Book

So, I know that technically I said I was going to write posts concerning lessons from media, but I never said that those lessons or examples wouldn’t be derived from books as well. As well, sometimes events transpire to lead you to a decision and you should listen which is partially what this post is about.

I have a personal birthday tradition. Every year I go to a bookstore for my birthday and spend several hours reading, drinking a cup of coffee, and eventually leave with a small stack of new reading selections to tide me over for awhile. This year was no different with the slight exception that I was joined by some family.

Per my usual routine, I purchased my hot drink and immediately found a book to immerse myself in. After I finished it, I went on search of the next tome that would tickle my fancy. I wandered around a bit without really finding anything that caught my attention until I found a particular book.


The title is a bit fuzzy, but it is called I Wrote This For You. I won’t spoil the book for you mainly because I can’t. It isn’t a standard narrative driven book nor is it a collection of poems or stories in the traditional sense. This book is a unique experience. It is constructed in such a manner that it will have different meanings/significance to different people at different times. Were I to read this book again today; my interaction with it would be distinctly different than the one I had last Saturday.

However, this is the intent of the book, It is not trying to tell a good story; instead, it is trying to bring something out of its reader. In my case, it worked extremely well and I found myself perplexed, comforted, and wanting all at once through its mixture of poetry and imagery. It is an experience I would recommend attempting if you have the option.

So what lesson did this book give me?

A piece of media sometimes comes at just the right moment. It could be a song that comes on when you’re having a bad day. A favorite movie when you need a good laugh. Or even finding the right book when you didn’t even know you were looking for it. Still the book said it best:


Also, I swear next week’s post will be back to discussing non-book media, probably.


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