Cosmos, Science, and Perpetual Learning

I feel bad posting that title considering this will be a comparatively short post. It feels like it should hold more gravitas.

Anyhow, my cousin came down to visit this week and I had the opportunity to talk with him. Conversations with him tend to make me feel a bit simpleminded. See, he is a semester away from graduating from MIT with a degree in some sort of applied computing, smart person degree. Before him, I was considered the intelligent one in the family and am now securely tied for second with another cousin. Suffice to say the boy has an understanding of the universe that I can barely comprehend.

Yet, this is what I enjoy about conversing with him and other such individuals. Every time I do engage with him, I come away a tad smarter and far more curious. With this new found inquisitiveness, I devour as much information and read as many new articles and books as I can find. I don’t always understand what I am reading or what my cousin is saying, but I listen, engage, and eventually am able to learn and have at least some understanding.

It is these moments that force me out of my comfort zone and push me to continue to learn and engage with as much as possible. Which brings me to the show “Cosmos” (from the title). I never saw the first “Cosmos with Carl Sagan” but am thoroughly enjoying the new incarnation with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Like the talks with my cousin, “Cosmos” makes me want to learn more and as much as I can. Whatever else I may or may not accomplish, I pray that my pursuit of learning never ends and will do everything to ensure that it doesn’t. And it should be an endeavor that we all share and strive to achieve.

Sorry, I swear I tried to make it short.

TL;DR: Learning is good. Keep doing it regardless your age. Also, maybe watch Cosmos

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