Sounding Board

I honestly do not know why, but for some reason my friends have tended to use me as a sounding board. Whether they wanted advice on relationships, work, movie recommendations, or simply someone to bounce their ideas off of, I was able to enjoy some odd and interesting conversations. I cannot tell if I was helpful to my friends or if I provided anything more than a pair of ears, yet they kept coming back and seemed to derive as much enjoyment from these talks as I did.

I wish there was some way to monetize this skill because talking to intelligent and intriguing people and figuring out how to help them in completing their endeavors would be far more satisfying than my current employment. Recently, I had an idea for a project a friend should undertake. Deciding that I should actually do something about it, I sent him a proposal outlining how it would work and what he should do. It seems that he is very interested and is actually going to listen to me for once and do what I suggested. So hopefully soon I will be able to shill for his work in a few months.

Seriously, though, it was rather fulfilling even just giving him my idea for a project that I know he would be good at and would work toward his own individual goals. Events like this make me seriously question certain academic choices and have the constant thoughts of what could have been. I believe this is one of the main reasons why I listened to Bryan when he suggested that I start this blog. I want to be part of a community or group that encourages progress. I do not mean any ideological, social, or political agenda, but actual progress in the sense of working toward completion of goals and the creation of new plans.

I am unsure if I have managed to do this yet, but will work toward fostering such an atmosphere around me. After all, success, in whatever measure, is far more enjoyable when your friends and peers are along for the ride.

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