A Voice

Is it possible to fall in love with a voice? Can the sound of someone speaking entrance you? I find myself wondering this more and more with each passing day.

I’ve never met you, and unless either of our circumstances change dramatically, chances are we will never meet you in person. I don’t really know you. I have no clue what your favorite color is. I’ll probably never know if you prefer a rainy day with a cup of coffee and a good book or to be outside among the trees and hills with the occasional sun shining through the passing clouds. You might rock out to the latest radio hit or be a lifetime fan of an indie band that only a few have ever heard. I don’t know whether you would kill for a piece of succulent chocolate or if a glass of dry bourbon is more your vice of choice. I’ll probably never learn these, and various other, little details that accumulate over time from simply being around someone.

What I know, however, is your voice. The timber and tone of your voice as you read the lines of a poem have been engraved into my mind. The way it rises to a near squeak when you become excited. Or how it slows and approaches a silent whisper when you are pensive and introverted. I can recall the music of your voice as you talk and have heard nearly every possible emotion expressed through nothing more than simple sound of your speech.

But beyond the mere melodic intonations, I am privileged to know the words that you have written. In your poetry, I have seen the similes and metaphors that your mind can conjure to create the darkest and most beautiful of imagery. Your short stories have lead me through different worlds and experiences I did not think possible. And the few times you have allowed a peek behind the veil, I have read the thoughts of an intelligent, caring, and creative individual who I stand in awe of. Beyond the sound, I have seen and heard your voice, and perhaps a bit of you, in your writing and I wish to read more.

So I ask again, is it possible to fall in love with a voice?

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