Chosen Family

Recently a friend used the cliche “blood is thicker than water” to note the importance he places on family. I have heard that particular phrase from various sources for quite some time. I understand its inherent meaning and purpose. Family is important. No matter what your family will always be there and you should support them. If it ever comes down to choosing between family and others; always go with family. While I see why people would believe this, I have to ask what if your family sucks?

No, seriously. What if your family are a bunch of douche, ignorant racist assholes? Do you just keep defending them and explain it away in some odd narrative? I have always been more of the opinion of the importance of a “chosen family”. You have no power or choice in the family you are born into. Whoever they are, you are essentially stuck with them for life. Now, do not misunderstand. I am not advocating hating or abandoning one’s family since that would be rather reprehensible in of itself. However, the friends you have are completely up to you. Your group of friends, or as I like to call them your “chosen family”, choose to associate with you, and you with them, completely of their own volition because of common interests, personalities, and experiences.

Again, family is important and something that will never, ever leave you. Still, friends, those you choose to be with, should be given just as much significance in our lives. Don’t you think?


The Sentry Gathers…

2 thoughts on “Chosen Family

  1. I disagree. Someone who’s been given a family can spend their lives looking for and making friends. We are only given one family and even if they suck, their rarity makes them irreplaceable.

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