A Life Worth Remembering


Rather poetic considering that Mr. Franklin managed to both with his time on Earth. I don’t know if I fully agree with his sentiment as few will probably ever manage to achieve such a high status. However, I do not believe those lives are not worth remembering. I know what Ben was trying to say, but even a life not necessarily written down in the great annals and books of history will still have some impact that will be known and remembered after their life is done even if just by a close few. Still, I wonder how much this fear of “mortality” drives individuals particularly those in the creative and inventive fields?  Why are we afraid of being forgotten by the world?

Without being too self-centered, I have always dreamed of seeing my name on a book and having it read at least a few individuals. I don’t think that is because of any desire to be immortal, but maybe I am not fully aware of my own motivations. Either way, Mr, Franklin’s words still carry some truth. After all, only greatness, both good and bad, seem to inspire songs and stories, so perhaps the pursuit of it is not so bad as long as it is somewhat tempered (in my opinion). Something to consider as we live our lives and go after our dreams…

The Sentry Gathers…

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