Dinner Conversations

For the past few years, a childhood friend and I have had an nearly annual meet up for coffee, drinks, a meal, and long, winding conversation. No topic is off limits, but somehow girls, relationships, old memories, and our current and future goals always crop up. Last night was no different.

After a few laughs and mentions of girls we are interested in at the moment, the conversation turned to what we are doing with our lives and where we want to go and be in 5, 10, 20 years from now. My friend is in a unique position. He has a pretty good job where he makes pretty decent money and there is definite room for advancement. However, he wants to pursue another opportunity which will allow him to be in an environment and field he is truly passionate about. Of course, this is dependent upon him getting in and willing to live meagerly for a few years without the certainty provided by his current position. He is not afraid of hard work or having to cut back his lifestyle. What does concern him is complacency and uncertainty of what is ahead. He put it best in his own words. “I feel like I am in a car just driving down the road with no clear idea of where I am going or where to even begin to get somewhere.”

I can relate to his experience. Not the having a good job part or even the interested in academic pursuit part. No, I understand his fear of complacency and uncertainty. After recently ending my own academic endeavors (for the moment at least), I am now in that wonderful limbo of not knowing where to go or how to get somewhere. To mirror his quote: “I am not even in the car. I am at home on a Friday night messing with my phone hoping that something pops up for me to do.”

While I know that this will pass with time and effort, I just want to, at least, get on the road and start going somewhere. My friend and I are both still relatively young and know that life holds many obstacle and opportunities before us, but we just would like to know that we are in the right direction toward something of value and substance. Or at the very least to know where to start. I suppose that anxiety and uncertainty are part of life’s experiences, yet it is not easy to be in the middle of it.

To what the road holds. May we all at least be traveling forward.

The Sentry Gathers…

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