Permanency or Exigency?

I had a random thought the other day that I discussed with a good friend. I won’t bore you with the entire conversation but the overall gist was how events, even massive life altering ones, have temporal assignment. (Also, just for reference it was partially inspired by this.) For example, I was 14 when the World Trade Center was attacked and remember the events of that day vividly. The world as I knew it drastically changed in a matter of hours.

My brother was 1 at the time. To him 9/11 is an abstract. He understands it as an event that occurred, but not with the same consequences or weight that I place upon it. He grew up in a world where there was no “before 9/11” or before the “war on terror” ever existed. There is this rift between our experiences and we are only separated by 11 years.

It gives me pause to think about how events we consider to be this fixed points in time might eventually be mere memories of a bygone era. What will these events be considered by future generations? What will they believe to be the defining moments of human history?


(By the way, i believe I will make Thursdays theme Thoughts. Will see how it goes)


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