I Hate Neil Gaiman


Seriously, just look at his smug smirk. Kidding, obviously (have to remember that sarcasm doesn’t always translate to the internet). I am actually a huge fan of Mr. Gaiman and his work (probably more so his work). I remember being handed a copy of “Good Omens” from a friend and never looking back. Since then I have read many of Gaiman’s other works and have completely loved “The Sandman”, “American Gods”, “Black Orchid”, “Neverwhere”, and several more. Ultimately, it is this amazing list of work and his prestigious ability to seemingly create incredible worlds and words in virtually any genre that make me hate Neil Gaiman…just a little bit. As someone who would love nothing more than to be known and remembered for the words I was able to string together to create emotion and inspire imagination, it is frustrating to read what Neil Gaiman has produced and not be a bit disappointed knowing you will be unable to make something that can compare.

So for that Mr. Gaiman, I hate you…just a little bit, but I still look forward to the next great thing you write.



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